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What to Bring to a Cryotherapy Session

You don’t “technically” need to bring anything

IceHouse Provides Gloves Robes, Socks, Clogs, Hats, and Waivers, that leaves the rest to you:


  • A Bathing Suite if you prefer to wear that instead of undergarments
  • Socks! (If you don’t want to wear ours at least)
  • A Hat (Show off your Personality!)
  • A Friend (For Moral Support of course… they wont laugh as you freeze, that never happens!)

Not Optional:

  • An Open Mind!
  • Under Garments
  • No Body Jewelry
  • Fill out a Waiver

Okay Jokes aside there are a few things you’ll want to make sure of before you get your first Cryotherapy Session:

Firstly, you must be completely dry before your session! Please be sure to wait at least an hour after applying lotion or sun screen before getting going into the Cryosauna

Secondly, please wait at least an hour after you workout before you get a Cryotherapy Session – there’s 2 reasons for this, #1 we don’t want you to be sweaty while in the chamber.. because it could freeze! & #2 it’s actually better for you to wait!

You see Inflammation naturally happens during every workout – and some inflammation is a natural part of healing and growing, and you want it to take it’s natural course (as long as it’s not excessive amounts of inflammation of course).

Cryotherapy is a huge inflammation eliminator – thus it’s best you wait!

First Cryotherapy Session? You’ll need to fill out a Waiver

Outside of the Standards garments, making sure you’re dry, and not wearing any body jewelry – there is one other thing you’ll have to do.

Fill out a Waiver, it’s just one page and can be done from a laptop or phone (it’s emailed to you)

You’re best off filling it out before your first session so you can be aware of anything health concerns before going in!

The main thing we’re looking for is heart conditions, as a large amount of the hormone norepinephrine is released into your body during cryotherapy, and it can cause your blood pressure to increase!

If you’d like us to send you a Waiver just push the button below!

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask us, we’re always happy to answer Cryotherapy Related Questions (: