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3 Ways Cryotherapy Helps Weight Loss

With a busy schedule and only 24 hours in a day, weight loss seems like a daunting if not an impossible task, They say that there are 24 hours in a day. Really what they mean is there are 16 hrs in a day and (if you’re lucky) 8 hours of sleep time (again, if you’re lucky). So finding the time to focus on your body and your health can often be a challenge;; even more so if you have kids and work full or even part time to support your family. Sometimes, even when you’ve found the time to have a healthy diet and consistent exercise, you may discover that your once visible progress has plateaued. If any of this sounds familiar to you then maybe you should consider whole body cryotherapy.

In one month you can reasonably anticipate losing 8 to 10 pounds with diet and exercise if you follow a strict plan and stay consistent with your routines. . Losing one pound of body fat is equivalent to burning 3,500 calories. or roughly six hours on a treadmill.

To lose two pounds per week, you must have a calorie deficit of 1,000 calories per day. This can be difficult especially if your sticking to a regular exercise routine as well. You’re going to feel hungry and you should be careful during this time not to overeat.

Weight Loss varies greatly from person to person-obviously if you’re trying to lose more weight it’s going to take a longer time over all and you’re going to need more Cryotherapy Sessions. Genetics and body type also play significant roles in weight loss with diet and exercise so your workout routines and eating habits may be very different from others depending on your need but one thing for sure is that Cryotherapy is beneficial for weight loss no matter how big or small you are..

3 Ways Cryotherapy Will Accelerate Weight Loss:

First Things First:

A large majority of Cryotherapy benefits result from the release of a Hormone called Norepinephrine, It's a "Fight or Flight" Hormone that in the case of cryotherapy is a response to the extreme temperatures your body is being subjected to. As bad as it sounds the truth is this is in order to keep you alive. Your body doesn't know that it’s actually in no real danger because of the tremendous safety precautions and the calculated length of the cryotherapy session. This is good that your body doesn't know this because when it feels the intense temperature it almost says “ Omg!! Are we about to die!? That’s freezing!” and the response elicited from this are where the benefits of cryo come in.

While in the Cryochamber your body generally doubles to Triples (increases by 200%-300%) the amount of Norepinephrine in your Brain & Body. This result is consistent every time, there is no drop off. Even if you did Cryotherapy every single day for 12 weeks straight, your body would still secrete this Hormone.


Because it's a Must.

Your body can't survive in the extreme temperatures of Cryotherapy without the Hormonal Reaction of the Body.

It should also be noted that your body is an interconnected organism, and no one thing can happen without it affecting another part or many. Sometimes (if not most times) causing a chain reaction of events. Often times this requires a combination of important Nutrients or other reactions in order to receive the Benefit of any stored vitamins, amino acids, fats, etc.

A simple example would be the relationship between Insulin & Glucose, which provides you with Energy - It's actually Insulin that Uses Glucose, so you can't have one, without the other. Insulin attaches itself to a cell by a specialised part of each cell called an insulin receptor. Once this is done the cell can import glucose from the bloodstream into the cell. Now the cell breaks this down into energy through a process called aerobic metabolism. This is where mitochondria come in. During aerobic metabolism oxygen enters the cell along with glucose and the mitochondria use the oxygen to turn the glucose into heat energy which is either stored as ready to use brown fat or used at the time of its creation, meaning your burning calories. Remember that this is important because cryotherapy increases your mitochondria numbers and it also shows how one little thing like insulin attaching itself to a cell wall creates a chain reaction that greatly affects our bodies.  

That Being Said let's look at the Benefits of Norepinephrine and some of the other ways Cryotherapy Aids in Weight Loss!


1. Transform “Bad” Fat into “Good” Fat:

Our bodies actually have two different types of fat, brown fat and white fat. White fat is the stuff we all want to get rid of, it gathers around your waist, thighs, and arms in mass. This is what we refer to as “bad fat” Brown fat on the other hand is denser and collects in smaller pockets around your body.

This type of fat is referred to as “Brown” Because it’s Mitochondria Dense, and Mitochondria Iron Dense which gives it its Brown Color.

Mitochondria is known as “The Powerhouse of the Cell” and it’s responsible for breaking down Fat into usable Energy for your body to utilize quickly.

Brown Fats are generally kept as emergency reserves for “Fight or Flight” response situations, such as Cryotherapy or being chased by a hungry bear.

Norepinephrine causes Mitochondria in tissue to become activated through UCP1, which basically freaks out your Mitochondria because of how mitochondria works. It is kind of like a battery. There is a negative charge on the inside and a positive charge on the outside.

UCP1 uncouples the charge from the mitochondria..

This is important because that charge signals to your body that it has plenty of energy to use, So when that charge becomes uncoupled, it’s gone and your body thinks it has no energy and so it starts making more. It does this through a process of breaking down fat with your mitochondria to create more mitochondria and also by ramping up your metabolism, In just 10 Cryotherapy Sessions your Body can increase the amount of Mitochondria you have by as much as 38%

This is a natural adaption of your body to the cold temperatures, similar to using a muscle to make it stronger, or stretching an area to make it more flexible.

So basically, your body is more easily able to break down fat with Cryotherapy use, keep you warmer, and provide you with more energy.

It’s also worth noting that shivering is another response to the cold intended to keep you warm. This is the muscles contracting rapidly to produce heat, however it’s very inefficient compared to how your Metabolism works to warm you up. So while you might shiver like crazy during your first session, or two, your body will eventually stop in favor of the more efficient Metabolic response.


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Cryotherapy weight loss

2. Kickstart your Metabolism:

In addition to the higher resting Caloric Burn you’ll achieve through Cryotherapy, your body will also burn between 500-800 Calories (that’s 25 to 40% of what your daily calorie expenditure should be!) each time you use the Cryo Chamber.

The outer layer of your skin will drop as low as 32 F, and other places of your body will drop to varying degrees (your internal organs of course will stay the same temperature).

It takes your Body 75-90 Minutes to Warm you back up to full temperature

The 500-800 Calories you use after a session is simply the cost of Heat/Energy your body uses to warm itself back up.

This is because the extreme temperature forces your body to jumpstart your metabolism each time and make this large calorie sacrifice in order to keep you warm and operational.

Think 500-800 calories doesn’t sound like much?

Cryotherapy can help burn as many calories as doing any of these activities:

  • 60 Minutes of Jump Roping
  • 60 Minutes of Running at 5.5mph
  • 96 Minutes of Cycling at 10mph

Why Every Athlete Needs Whole Body Cryotherapy

3. Reduced Stress & Better Sleep


We Mentioned Earlier that an increase of Mitochondria and the Kickstarting of your Metabolism aids in Energy Production

In addition to this something else happens to your body called vasoconstriction. In this process. your blood moves to your core in order to protect your most vital organs from any harm from the perceived outside sudden temperature drop. This blood is replenished richly with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes to keep your vital organs running at best as possible in a situation that your body perceives to be a near death one. . When the 3-minute session is over your body is okay and the newly oxygenated and hormonal enriched blood is released back to the rest of your body. The areas of your body most suffering from injury benefit from this. The increase in Oxygen, key Nutrients and Enzymes, helps the body work at 100% and also promotes better sleep after each treatment, which in turn means less fatigue during the day.

We also mentioned that Norepinephrine is increased 2-3 fold (200%-300%) in the Brain and Body during Cryotherapy as a “Fight or Flight” response to the extreme cold

Norepinephrine is huge for increased Alertness & Vigilance, as well as enhancing the formation and retrieval of memory and focused attention (regeneration of synapse).

In Short, it helps learning, Focus, and makes you feel good which is a triple threat that can’t be beat.

We mention this because losing weight is often more of a mental struggle requiring longer periods of focus and dedication, and is usually coupled with hunger which can  leave you feeling a little cranky and irritable.

Norepinephrine will help you remain steadfast in your goals, and alleviate some of the pressure/stress so you have a better chance of achieving them. The endorphins released during a cryotherapy session can also help with the grumpiness mentioned previously.

Conclusion: Cryotherapy for Weight Loss


So, you get a boosted metabolism, Sleep & Manage Stress Better, & you get the equivalent of over an hour of running on a treadmill (500-800 Calories Burned) in just 3 minutes in the Cryochamber-although you wont get some of the other benefits like stronger legs or lungs, you will get the benefits of increased hormone production and blood flow.

Ultimately Cryotherapy Treatment Frequency will vary greatly depending on you, if you’re looking to lose 8 pounds in a month, that’s very reasonable – and Cryotherapy will GREATLY aid you in getting there.

But keep in mind that while 500-800 calories is a lot, It’s far from all you have to do in order to lose weight. You will still need to engage in healthy eating and proper sleep habits as well as exercise, You’ll still need to be at a calorie deficit, and you’ll still need to keep stress under control to lose weight, Cryotherapy aids in Sleep & Stress Management, but it’s up to you to deliver!

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Obesity was improved during Cryotherapy studies, but did not meet the established ideal of 3% to 5% weight loss per month. It is worth mentioning, however, that they lost weight without any change to their exercise or diet during the study period. It has been suggested that a human may use up 800 calories during and in recovery from a WBC session. WBC may therefore be a beneficial adjunct therapy to a weight loss regimen. With increased treatment frequency, WBC may be useful as a primary treatment for obesity.

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