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Seattle Sounders Turn to IceHouse Cryotherapy

Seattle Sounders Cryotherapy

In the game of soccer recovery is key. The Seattle Sounders turned to IceHouse Cryotherapy after their dramatic win against Sporting Kansas City. They had a quick turnaround and needed their bodies to be feeling 100%, whole body cryotherapy was the key.

Seattle Sounders Head Trainer Chris Cornish was looking for his players to get their bodies feeling 100% for a game that was in two days. The sounders won their game against Sporting Kansas City then had a game 3 days later against Dallas FC. In a situation like this being healthy is a big task for Chris and not easy when commanding 11-15 guys that have just sprinted for 90+ minutes straight. Chris turned to IceHouse Cryotherapy to add an additional part in his player’s daily recovery routine.

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Cristian Roldan
Cristian Roldan

Aside from doing their regular recovery routine which includes, stretching, using Normatec equipment, icing, using ice baths, and Gameready’s. Whole Body cryotherapy offered a recovery push that was nothing like what they were using. Soccer is a heavy cardiovascular sport in which there is heavy build up of lactic acid in muscles after 90 minutes of sprinting. Whole body cryotherapy was a way to quickly increase the rush of fresh oxygenated blood into their blood stream, which helps flush out any toxin build up through out their body. With players like Jordan Morris, Brad Evans, Chad Marshal, and Nico Lodiero suffering numerous injuries during the play-off run. Icehouse whole body cryotherapy was edge that the team needed in order to pull of an MLS Cup Victory.

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Tyrone Mears
Tyrone Mears

Key Benefits
for Seattle Sounders Recovery

    • Reduces muscle pain
    • Increases muscle strength
    • Reduces injury recovery time (allows quicker return to training)
    • Improves joint function
    • Reduces DOMS (Delay Onset Muscle Soreness)
    • Inhibits inflammation
    • Reduces the length of regeneration phase
    • Reduces post-traumatic treatment period
    • Maximizes sports performance
    • Increases energy
    • Boosts lymphatic and blood circulation to enhance detoxification
    • Optimizes intensity and volume of training

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Whole Body Cryotherapy is used for many different ailments in the body and each player had different issues that needed to be addressed.

  • Chad Marshall had issues with bruises on his back and overall tightness in his legs.

Cryotherapy increased blood flow through the body, which helps bruises dissipate quicker which allows alleviating pain.

  • Brad Evans had a sprained ankle along with general muscle soreness

Cryotherapy helped clear out inflammation in his ankle to let his natural healing process happen quicker.

Other Seattle Sounders players that turned to cryotherapy this season, Nico Lodiero, Román Torres, Osvaldo Alonso, and Tyron Mears were also players that came by for treatment for various injuries.

Seattle Sounders FC

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