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Run Farther & Longer with Cryotherapy

Runner Cryotherapy

Few things require you to push your body to such limits than being a Runner

Training up up to – and by the end of a Marathon or Spartan Race your Body is often Destroyed.

Making sure you’re fully recovered before a Race, and that you’re able to fully and quickly recover after a race is paramount to performance, and gains.

Today we break down the top 2 Reasons why Olympic Runners like Mo Farah use Cryotherapy.

YMCA Cryotherapy
Mo Farah Cryotherapy

1. Runner Recovery

When you enter the Chamber your skin sends a signal to your brain letting it know you’re in an extremely cold environment, your brain then sends a signal to your Muscles & Nervous System, which respond by narrowing your veins and pulling all resources from your extremities to your core.

This process Pulls Inflammatory & Pain causing Chemicals from Wounded areas.

Your Body then enters a Highly Productive Period to protect your internal Organs (if your internal organs drop even a few degrees it could be dangerous!), your body begins rapidly breaking down fat to produce heat and keep you warm, it also starts producing collagen, proteins, and hormones to fix any damage that may occur while your exposed to these temperatures.

When you step out of the chamber your body exits the hyper-productive period, and all the blood is sent back to your body, where your body begins repairing damage using the resources the resources it was preparing in case anything happened to your body during the cold.

Pictured Below are Ryan Kent & Ryan Atkins came, they came in first and second place at the last  race after dropping by IceHouse the day before to ensure they were fully Recovered!

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Cryotherapy for Spartan Race
Spartan Race Cryotherapy

2. More Energy

As we mentioned above-your body starts rapidly breaking down fat in order to keep you warm during a Cryotherapy Session.

Your body produces more Mitochondria during Cryotherapy-Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, responsible for breaking down Fat Tissue.

as little as 10 sessions can increase your mitochondria by as much as 38%

38% more Mitochondria would allow for a much more rapid breakdown of fat during training, or during events, meaning you’ll have more energy.

This is a Natural Reaction to the cold – your body creates more mitochondria when in the cold,just like it creates more muscle when exercising – it’s a natural adaptation to hardship on the body.

Those who live in colder temperatures more north have more brown Fat – especially those who work outside.

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Cryotherapy is the go-to supplement for an IceBath.

It only takes 3 Minutes, doesn’t actually damage your body (unlike Icebaths in some cases which can slow recovery), and comes with additional benefits not listed on this Blog today.

Consistent Cryotherapy is good for any Runner who’s consistently Training & competing – it’ll help you train longer, with more focus, and more energy, through natural means.

Next time you’re prepping for a Race, or Recovering from one, try Cryotherapy – you’ll notice a Difference the moment you step out of the Chamber.

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