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Meet the Founders

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Meet the Founders of IceHouse Cryotherapy

IceHouse Owner Helping Tennis Pro
Mark and gail owners

IceHouse Cryotherapy was Founded by three elite tennis players. All three struggled with injuries, and started using cryotherapy in order to relieve daily inflammation from rugged training routines. After retiring from the sport, they opened IceHouse Cryotherapy in order to offer this cutting edge treatment to people in Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond and Seattle Area.

The IceHouse Cryotherapy Story

So who are these elite Tennis Players?

Mark, Gail, & fillip.

Mark & Gail turned from pro players to pro coaches… and parents!

They’re happily married with 2, & now coach full time at East Side Tennis Center

In addition to that, and their ownership of IceHouse, Mark is also a Puget Sound Logger Coach, and the owner of

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Gail is originally from Brooklyn New York, Mark was born and raised in Washington-they originally met in Washington during a tournament, and didn’t get along very well-infact they didn’t start to get along until retiring from the sport, when Gail took up coaching and moved from Brooklyn to Washington to accept the position. Not long after they became best friends, and eventually married.

Gail is a very strong believer in Cryotherapy, and has used it regularly through her professional career, childbirth, and motherhood.

Mark is an advocate of alternative medicine and not only uses Cryotherapy but also Yoga.

Fillip, recently sold his share of the company to Mark & Gail, making them the sole owners of IceHouse

and there you have it! The Founders of IceHouse!

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