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Five Ways Cryotherapy Saves Money

5 Ways Cryotherapy Saves Money

Here are 5 ways that cryotherapy saves money in the long run!

Fewer Medications-

Cryotherapy has shown to reduce pain and swelling more quickly. Patients find that they are able to stop taking medications that aid pain and swelling which is not only incredibly costly to your wallet depending on your insurance, but to your body as well. The fear of addiction to pain medication will no longer be a concern. Our client’s report that they don’t have to take medications anymore, we love to hear such news!

Check out the Benefits of Cryotherapy

Less Frequent and Shorter Hospital Stays-

If you have a surgery you can recover quicker and spend less time at the doctors office either coming back for check ups or prolonged stays for rehabilitation.

Fewer Physical Therapy Sessions-

By using Crytoherapy to heal your swelling you are able to use physical therapy more efficiently and reach milestones more quickly. By no means is whole body cryotherapy a supplement to physical therapy, we view it as big compliment to physical therapy. Now as more and more physical therapy clinics are beginning to adopt whole body cryotherapy as part of their physical therapy routines.

Why Athletes Use Cryotherapy

Less Likelihood of Re-injury or Additional Surgery-

Allowing your body to recover without the use of pharmaceuticals enables your body to gain strength naturally. Although everyone is different masking your pain with drugs only allows for weakness in the body. Actually mending your injuries and strengthening your body allows fore resilience.

Fewer Lost Wages-

If you are no longer in pain and recovered you are able to start working sooner and more efficiently. This is especially vital for those that do not get sick leave. For those people that have a physical job, such as construction, standing on your feet all day long, or other long hour jobs. Try cryotherapy and see the relief you feel next morning.

Hopefully you enjoyed this short but sweet list on 5 ways Cryotherapy Saves Money, if you're wondering what Cryotherapy is Valued at you can check out our Price-List Page for more information, and just for fun, here's an article on how much money Cold Showers Save you

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