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10 Cryotherapy Facts You Don’t Know About

Cryotherapy Facts

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a cutting edge way to give your body the boost it needs to get back to your workout routine. Here are 10 cryotherapy facts you may not know about...yet! Happy Researching!

1. Cryotherapy was originally used to treat symptoms associated with conditions related to the muscles and joints, like rheumatoid arthritis.

The First ever Cryochamber was made because Icebaths were not cold enough, and the effects that had on the body could actually be counter-productive in some cases, long exposure to Ice Water was needed in order to elicit the response of reduced inflammation and increased hormonal response, however during this period the Ice could actually damage your muscles and actually INCREASE Recovery time rather than reduce it.
Thus Spawning the modern Cryotherapy Chambers.

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2. Hollywood stars like Mandy Moore, Daniel Craig and Chelsea Handler have all added Cryotherapy to their health routines to keep their bodies in top shape.

These stars are just a few among many - the benefits of Cold Therapy are many and help in such a wide variety of ways, it's well documented by doctors like Rhonda Fitzpatrick, and is avidly followed by gurus like Tony Robbins & Tim Ferris.

Kevin Hart Cryotherapy
Joe Rogan Cryotherapy

3. For athletes, a cryotherapy session can help improve your training results before a workout AND, by decreasing your recovery time, also gets you back in the gym sooner after a tough workout.

Cryotherapy is able to achieve these results through 2 main Benefits, Vasoconstriction, which means the body restricts blood to extremities in order to keep warm of it at your core, (this is what reduces pain and inflammation) and the Hormonal Response of the body to the perilous temperatures in the chamber-releasing key recovery Hormones like Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, and Insulin.

Justin Anderson Cryotherapy

4. Exposing your body to freezing temperatures in the Cryotherapy chamber improves blood circulation which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients released. Increases in blood flow also leads to the release of endorphins which are the hormones which improve our mood and combat depression.

Blood Circulation is aided by Vasoconstriction, and blood flow does indeed help your body replenish itself by being able to more efficiently move oxygen, nutrients, and other important things through your body.

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5. Women are using Cryotherapy as skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. Experts have concluded that Cryotherapy improves overall skin condition by boosting collagen production.

It’s true, Cryotherapy Facts.
It helps collagen production-and as we mentioned it helps blood flow-which also helps your skin stay healthy by providing nutrients to it, and keeping it fresh and oxygenated with blood.

Cryotherapy Weight Loss

6. Spending just 3 minutes in the Cryotherapy chamber speeds up your metabolism and can burn up to 800 calories

Your body burns the 500-800 calories just warming you back after a Session (it takes 75-90 minutes before you’re back to normal temperature).

More important though is the effect it has on your bodies metabolism and energy Production. The body produces heat in 2 ways, by shivering (causing small muscle spasms that produce heat) and by burning up your stores of fat, specifically what’s know as “Brown Fat” Which is basically like an emergency reserve of fat that’s readily usable in an extreme situation such as Cryotherapy. The things is that once it’s used, your body has to produce more, and will move into your stores of “White fat” -the kind that isn’t so helpful-and move it to the more mitochondria dense brown fat.

This helps not only helps you lose weight, but also boosts your energy levels and helps your bodies ability to break down and absorb nutrients (thanks to the bolstering of your mitochondria)

The feeling of alertness and euphoria that washes over you after a Cryotherapy session is partially in response to this effect.

Lets Take a Break From The Cryotherapy Facts and watch a quick video to help you understand the Cryotherapy Process and it’s Benefits:

7. Cryotherapy can reduce cellulite because the extreme cold restricts blood vessels which facilitates the reduction of fatty deposits in the body.

We kind of mentioned this above, but vasoconstriction again is at play here, restricting, re-widening, and speed of blood cells helps move and clear fatty deposits in the body

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8. NBA stars like LeBron James, Grant Hill and Shaquille O’Neal have testified to the wonderful benefits of Cryotherapy for sports performance, muscle recovery and pain relief

The above names are small time when you consider  The Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trailblazers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves all have cryotherapy chambers installed in their training facilities to use before and after training in order to recover more efficiently. Sports teams have even been known to use localized cryotherapy during games to reduce inflammation of injuries for athletes to stay in the game. Cristiano Ronaldo even bought a personal cryotherapy chamber to use in his house for recovery.

and SOOOO many more teams such as the Seattle Sounders & Seahawks, and Dallas Cowboys also use Cryotherapy outside of their facility.

Miami Heat Cryotherapy
Dallas Cowboys Cryotherapy
Both the Dallas Mavericks, and Cowboys Use Cryotherapy

9. Cryotherapy technology was first introduced in Japan in 1978 and soon after people in the medical field grew interest in how this technology works. Since then, studies have been affirming the countless benefits Cryotherapy has on the body. Now it has become one of the latest trends for skin care, weight loss, sports performance, and rehabilitation.

Cryo technology was then later brought over to Europe (and is already covered by insurance there), and later America, and Coldtherapy itself has been used and studied since the 1800’s

10. The University of Georgia, Mizzou, and Georgetown University have all bought into Whole Body Cryotherapy and have installed multiple machines in their facilities.

There are 100’s and 100’s of Cryotherapy Locations across the United States, and many more schools (including Alabama) have picked up Cryochambers as well. You can get an idea of just how many Cryotherapy locations there are here, as well as find one for yourself!

Cryotherapy Locations

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