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Top Three Beauty Benefits of Cryotherapy

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Beauty & Longevity (Skin Care)

Cryotherapy has many remarkable and unique beauty benefits that can help a lot of people with their personal fitness and health related goals.
In this article we're going to go over how cryotherapy can improve beauty as well as longevity.

Beauty and skincare may seem like a strange reason to do cryotherapy, especially with all of the health and beauty products already out there.

But at the end of the day all of the things we get as an effect from cryotherapy raise quality results in a way most lotions and health tonics can’t. This is because cryotherapy isn’t something you rub on the outside of your skin, or a concoction of chemicals, or plant matter your meant to take to detoxify or other provide some other beauty benefits. Cryotherapy is different because it’s not about any of that stuff.

Cryotherapy is about generating a specific response from your body that is essentially a host of different chain reactions that cause many differing and overlapping beneficial side effects. This is why so many A list celebrities and athletes like such as Jennifer Aniston,  Demmi Moore, Joe Rogan, and Lebron James have become avid cryo users. For more on who uses cryotherapy for it's amazing health and beauty and recovery benefits

Three of the major ways cryotherapy contributes to longevity and provide beauty benefits involve:  

  • Skincare
  • Weight loss
  • Ageing

1. Skin Care

Naturally everyone wants to lessen the appearance of ageing skin, commonly characterized by wrinkles and color.

According to leading dermatologists the number one reason people have trouble with an ageing face or ageing skin is poor circulation.

Circulation goes hand in hand with so many of our problems and few people realize it. Being overweight, leading a largely sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep and exercise  are all major contributors to poor circulation. It’s no wonder this is a problem as these are common problems we have to deal with on a day to day basis- because of our fast paced and constantly changing society.

Not having any of these problems associated with poor circulation often requires more time and effort that people just don’t have time to commit to in between life, family, and work not to mention our various hobbies and pursuits which are all important and prevent us from doing anything that provides us with any real beauty benefits.

Beauty Benefits of Cryotherapy

relives wrinkles and lines, stimulates collagen, reduces sagging

So how can doing a cryotherapy session provide these beauty benefits?

Apart from only taking three minutes to complete(who doesn't have three minutes?) one of the biggest things happening inside your body during a cryotherapy session is called vasoconstriction. This in part is what's going to help with skin beauty.

Vasoconstriction is the process your body undergoes during a cryo session where it pulls all of the blood from your body into your core.

During Vasoconstriction your body periodically sends blood back out to your extremities to keep them from getting frostbite

This Process helps a lot of damaged looking or unhealthy skin, especially the capillaries (which are blood vessels) closest to your skin, receive blood where they normally wouldn't.

Better circulation also improves how well fibrillates function, and can prolong the youthful, taut, and elastic appearance of your skin!

Still curious about how cryotherapy can impact the skin?

2. Weight Loss

Not many people are aware of this but you actually have a Two different types of fat in your body.

Brown fat and white fat.

White fat is the stuff we typically have an overabundance of. This is what everyone spends time at the gym on a treadmill for an hour a day working to get rid of. But there’s also brown fat, and this is actually fat that your body uses to generate heat for you when you're exposed to low temperatures, or in a fight or flight situation.

It could be that because we have such a mastery over our environment now, because you can just turn on the heater or air conditioner as needed, people tend to have less brown fat now and a higher concentration of white fat. Brown fat generally collects in your body’s neck and shoulder areas and is considered healthy fat. A lack of brown fat has also been linked with obesity.



Cryotherapy actually makes your body convert white fat into brown through a process involving the mitochondria in your fat cells.

It does this by essentially depleting energy markers in the mitochondria. Click the Image on the right for a full breakdown of Weight Loss & how it effects your Brown Fat.


If you're trying to lose weight you have to have a calorie deficit.

This means you have to consume less calories in a day than what your body typically needs so that it will tap into its other resources  and start using what’s stored there.  Cryotherapy can help you maintain a calorie deficit.

After a cryo session your body burns 500-800 calories over the course of 60-90 minutes(these results vary based on body type, genetics, health and activity etc).

Your body uses this massive chunk of your calories because it simply has to in order to warm you back up to the correct temperature.

Not only does this give you a jumpstart on your calorie deficit but each time you do a cryotherapy session hormones such as norepinephrine as well as endorphins are released into your body so you feel fantastic.

You also feel a decrease in pain and inflammation which is a definite bonus for workout/exercise recovery. Apart from all that some fringe weight loss benefits of cryotherapy are that it aids sleep and stress management as well as elevates mood which all of those have been shown to significantly impact weight loss.


There is evidence to suggest that cryotherapy can actually play a role in increasing longevity of life as well as quality.

A study found that when flies were kept at 21°C rather than 27°C they lived twice as long. Similarly, research on worms showed that a 5°C drop in temperature increased lifespan by 75%.

Now obviously flies and worms aren't even close to people as far as body complexity goes but Fish  have also been shown to  live longer at lower temperatures. One study showed that 6 °C drop in temperature increased average fish lifespan by 75 % which I don’t have to tell you is a huge percent. Especially when your talking about increasing lifespan. If we increased the lifespan of an average human by that much we would be living well into our hundreds.

Check out this article about how cold exposure could affect our lifespan.

In 1986 another researcher immersed his lab rats in shallow, cool water for four hours per day. The rats burned so many extra calories that they ate 50% more than the control rats in the experiment. The cold-exposed rats weighed less than the control rats and lived 10% longer. This goes against the prevailing view that scientists still maintain today that increased calorie consumption means a  shorter lifespan.


In another study they lowered the core temperature of mice by 0.3 °C (males) and 0.34 °C (females), resulting in an increase in average lifespan of 12 and 20 %respectively.

Increased longevity via cold-exposure could be due to hormesis.

Hormesis refers to the paradoxical adaptation that makes animals stronger and more efficient if they are exposed to environmental stresses. This definitely ads to the value of Cryotherapy as we’ve taken hormesis out of the equation in a big way with a/c units and heaters which was mentioned earlier under weightloss. There are lots of personal trainers and healers alike that are beginning to talk about the links between lack of hormesis effect and the destructive ways this may be affecting our bodies

How to live longer and age less

Other researchers prefer the ‘rate of living hypothesis’. This theory suggests that lower temperature promotes longevity by slowing down the rate of the reaction of various metabolic processes. This means fewer by-products of metabolism, such as reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Alternatively, increased longevity from cold exposure may also be due to a modulation of genes, such as TRPA-1 and DAF-16. It just goes to show that the host of internal chain reaction events that occur during and after a cryotherapy session affect our bodies in so many different and positive ways, it pays to be cold.

Interested in learning more about cryotherapy? There's a lot more out there to learn about and discover