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Juka CryoSauna vs Cryo Chambers


Cryotherapy has been extremely popular in Europe and numerous other countries for a while now, Whole Body Cryotherapy locations are popping up all over the nation at a staggering rate and as it gains evermore in popularity, you may be wondering how do you choose which one to check out? How may each location be different from the next one? Besides the level of service, One main distinction between locations is the type of cryotherapy equipment used. There are actually a variety of different cryotherapy and cold therapy devices, instruments, and applications. The two most commonly used types of cryotherapy equipment are the Cryo Chamber and the Juka Cryosauna.

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How They Differ…

Cryo chambers are somewhat similar to your standard heated sauna, except that cold air surrounds you instead of hot air. Your body is fully submerged in the walk-in chamber and sometimes these rooms can hold up to 4 people at a time. Because your body is fully submerged, there is a larger ratio of liquid oxygen to liquid nitrogen when compared with cryosaunas. During the session the user must wear socks, shoes, gloves, undergarments, masks and ear muffs as essential protective gear because these are the areas most quickly affected by the cold and the intent of cryotherapy is Not to give you frostbite.

Juka Cryosaunas are more like a stand-up tanning bed except that the user’s head is exposed outside of the unit. Cryosaunas are made for one person at a time only and the body, from the neck down, is surrounded by nitrogen gas. The user wears all of the same protective clothing as anyone using a cryo chamber except for the masks and ear muffs.

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A Common Misconception…

  • Some people claim that using a cryosauna is not WHOLE body cryotherapy but instead partial body cryotherapy since the head is not exposed to the extreme temperatures and therefore cold air does not surround the entire body. However, although the head is outside of the chamber, cryosaunas stimulate a WHOLE body response to the cold which means it is in fact a whole body cryotherapy experience.
  • A Cryosauna will always be colder than a cryochamber. One reason for this is; A cryosauna is a significantly smaller space.
  • Juka is the oldest and most trusted company in the world producing cryotherapy machines.
    • Each cryosauna is built with numerous safety mechanisms in place that make treatments not only safe but effective.

Why choose a Juka Cryosauna?

Firstly, with a cryosauna, you are not separated from the cryo-technician by a glass door or any door while the session is in progress. That means that there is easier communication between the two of you. The friendly cryo-tech can coach you through the session and tell you how your body should and should not feel and you can inform the technician on how you are doing throughout the session. It is also advantageous because the cryotechnician can help you brave the extreme cold by providing small talk that will keep your mind occupied on something other than repeatedly thinking, “This is freezing, this is freezing!”

IceHouse Uses The Juka Cryosauna by Cryo Science – they’re the oldest and most trusted brand, offering the coldest and most consistent Sessions Possible.


IceHouse Cryotherapy

Secondly, if you are claustrophobic or maybe just a little nervous. Lots of people are nervous, it’s an intense experience. Rather than being completely in a cryochamber, having your head exposed while in a cryosauna is the better option for you since you will never feel trapped inside a small freezing room like you would in a cryo chamber. Lastly, since you get the same body response from a cryo chamber but you don’t need to immerse yourself fully in nitrogen gas, choosing to use the cryo sauna is an easy decision.

All Cryosauna doors are on magnets that can easily be opened whenever the client feels necessary, just reach out and push.



Your privacy is very important to us at Icehouse Cryotherapy. When you are inside our cryosauna your body is never seen by the cryo tech. When you are inside a cryo Chamber your full body is visible to the cryo tech who is standing with you.

To some people this may seem completely fine, but we try to keep our customers as shielded from us as possible. After all this is not a medical procedure and your comfort is very important to us.

Fun Facts!

Most commonly used cryochambers only go down to around -180 degrees fahrenheit compared to -300 with cryosaunas.

Cryochambers allow for multiple people to do the treatment at once, While this may seem like a positive as you can do it with a friend, the effect is not equal. You want your space to be as cold as possible. When you are standing next to a human who is emitting vast amounts of heat just like yourself, the temperature in the room falls substantially. You may think it’s not a big deal, but when you are talking about extreme negative temperatures even a little bit of heat can cause the temperature to drastically change.

The inside of most cryochambers are metal. Which means at such extreme low temperatures the side walls of a cryo chamber become very cold and it’s not recommend that you touch them for risk of frostbite!

For added safety, the Juka CryoSauna comes standard with with a non-locking pivoting door that can be opened at any time. The unit features a heated ventilating system to minimize moisture residues and to vent out used nitrogen gasiform air. The geometric design of the inner cabin optimizes convection of cryotherapy temperatures for improved session results, making the Juka CryoSauna a safe and concentrated cold therapy experience that your sure to enjoy