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About IceHouse Cryotherapy:

IceHouse Cryotherapy opened January 2016, as an addition to the award winning tennis facility, East Side Tennis Center.

The Founders of IceHouse (Pictured Right) were active professional Tennis Players, and used Cryotherapy frequently in order to recover from grueling training sessions (East Side Tennis Center is award winning for a reason, having achieved more scholarships than any other tennis program in Washington), after months of cryotherapy use they decided to open IceHouse Cryotherapy and introduced the innovative recovery option to it’s players as well as those who trained at Cain Performance next door, it was an immediate hit at the facility.

IceHouse Cryotherapy’s Owners Sat Down with Bellevue Club Reflections Magazine to break down our Story, and the Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy Team
Juka Cryosauna

Our CryoChamber

The Founders of IceHouse Cryotherapy Specially picked out the Black Octagon by Cryo Science to incorporate in their facility because of it’s incredibly high level of satisfaction in the market, in addition to this we also have the XL version to ensure a spacious, comfortable cryotherapy session.

The Cryotherapy Chamber was manufactured in the United States and features the coldest and most consistent freeze in addition to it’s spacious size-our sessions are generally kept at 140-150 Degree’s Celcius below zero or -284 to -302 Fahrenheit. The temperatures it reaches are unworldly, and can only be experienced for ones self, we’re sure you’ll feel amazing afterwards though!

Helping the Community

IceHouse Cryotherapy has had the privileged of helping the Washington community in a number of ways, we’ve helped the sea hawks, and the Sounders! We’ve helped patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, we’ve helped body builders, belly dancers, models, and so many more-we met well over 1,000 unique individuals over the course of 2017 and boy, was it a blast!

No one steps into the Cryosauna without being able to smile or laugh through the 3 minutes of cold, which most think is going to be grueling, only find they feel good as new when they get out, check out our gallery and see some of these smiling faces for yourself, and while you’re at-lets add you to it!

IceHouse Owner Helping Tennis Pro
IceHouse Logo

IceHouse Cryotherapy was started by three elite tennis players. All three struggled with injuries, and started using cryotherapy in order to relieve daily inflammation from rugged training routines. After retiring from the sport, they opened IceHouse Cryotherapy in order to offer this cutting edge treatment to people in Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond and Seattle Area.

10822 117th Pl NE, Kirkland, WA 98033